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Natalie Parsons is a yoga teacher, reiki practitioner/teacher, intuitive reader, soul coach, embodiment guide and healer. Creating spaces that invite you home into self. With almost twenty years experience within the field of wellness.

Natalie is a steadfast guide and space holder. In our group yoga classes Natalie guides you gently into your inner teacher, allowing the body’s intelligence to show you the way; making your practice your own as you deepen your relationship within self, movement and breath. The intention is to support your growth, inspiring you to learn from the seeds of inner wisdom discovered on the mat; and anchoring this knowledge into your everyday experiences. Our practice will include a gentle approach to Hatha yoga accessible for all.


“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not leave you astray.“ - Rumi

Outdoor yoga by the water: Wavier below

Please sign before first session 

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