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Meditative Breathwork

Meditating in Nature

What is a meditative breathwork session?

A meditative breathwork session is a guided meditation that integrates breathwork, offering the benefits of both practices. Occasionally, other somatic healing techniques like EFT/TFT tapping may also be included, depending on the intuitive guidance I receive during your session.

Combining meditation and breathwork offers a powerful way to feel better both mentally and physically. 

Meditation: This practice cultivates mindfulness, which helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It enhances emotional resilience, allowing individuals to manage their emotions more effectively. Regular meditation can improve cognitive function, sharpen focus, and promote mental clarity. Additionally, it brings you a sense of inner peace and calm, leading to greater relaxation, better lifestyle and better sleep quality.

Breathwork: Intentional breathing techniques in breathwork can help you not only regulate your nervous system but also optimize physical health. By increasing oxygen intake, breathwork boosts energy levels and vitality. It reduces inflammation in the body and supports the immune system, helping to ward off illness and promote healing. Breathwork also aids in pain management and improves respiratory function, enhancing overall wellness and vitality.

Together, meditation and breathwork form a holistic approach to self-care, addressing both mental and physical aspects of health. Integrating these practices into daily life can lead to a better overall quality of life.

Individual sessions can be booked online and you can watch our socials for group offerings!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the purpose of meditation? 

The purpose of mediation is to help you silence the outside noise so that you can come back to centre and regulate your experience. 

What if I can't seem to quiet my mind or stop my thoughts? 

This is okay, mediation is a practise and if you find 15 seconds of stillness you have done good. You continue to practise and let the thoughts flow in and out without attaching to them. You just observe them as they come and go while you return back to the breath. 

Can kids meditate? 
Absolutely, the emotional regulation tool kids gain by learning to meditate has such an impact on their lives. 

Can I mediate laying down? 

Generally it is recommended that you sit up, however if you can't or it is too uncomfortable you can absolutely lay down. Just take note laying down, it's easier to fall asleep. 

What are the common side effects of breathwork?

Breathwork is a completely safe practise, however sometimes our bodies respond in different ways. You can feel some physical and emotional releases as energy moves and you start to regulate your nervous system through your breath. 

Is it okay if I am feeling uncomfortable emotions or seeing visuals during breathwork? 

Absolutely, this is actually what we want to happen. We want to move through those emotions and get energy moving in order to release them. Each experience will be unique to you - it can be blissful or a little more intense, if you are working through something but both are perfect. Visuals are you just connecting to the experience with you mind's eye. 

Should I consult with my doctor before breathwork? 

Breathwork can result in physiological changes so as a precaution if you have existing health conditions you can consult your doctor to ease your mind. 

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