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Massage Therapy

Deidre Comeau is dedicated to the highest quality of massage, specializing in chronic pain, along with many other modalities delivered with the most understanding care.

Enjoy a heated table and hydrating massage oil! 

You are ALWAYS welcome to utilize the option of a SILENT appointment.

Hot stone back massage

Therapeutic Massage

30 Minutes   $87.40  
45 Minutes   $115.00 
60 Minutes  $126.50
90 Minutes  $178.25
subject to change 



Hot Stone Massage


60 Minutes 


Prenatal Massage

Pregnancy Pillow Available 

60 Minutes 


Cupping Therapy Massage

60 Minutes 



Luxurious Mind.Body.Soul Treatment

    Indulge in the ultimate luxurious mind, body, and soul treatment.

     120 Minutes     


 Full body therapeutic cupping massage with paraffin wax application on hand OR feet

Gua Sha facial & Scalp Massages.

Followed with breath work meditation, smudging sage & aromatherapy, sound healing with singing bowls & tuning forks. Finishing with 3 intuitive card pull and 15 min Infrared Sauna Session.

ADD ONS ($10)

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